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People will try to discourage you with their words, thoughts and even their actions. BUT when God has plans for you, nothing and no one can stop them as long as you stay focused. Be careful not to fall into the enemy's trap, he is doing the job that he choose to do, which is to make you loose sight of the bigger picture. The word of God says in Isaiah 26:3 "Trust God...Keep your mind stayed on Him and He will keep you in perfect peace"... (I paraphrased) So simply put TRUST GOD and stay focused. Do your job, I know it is rough sometimes, even those who are closest to you can be used to trip you up, BUT God has a plan so get up and press your way through. Today I challenge you to tell the enemy ..."NOTHING CAN STOP GOD'S PLAN FOR MY LIFE!"

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Christ has won the victory. Hallelujah he has won it all for me.

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