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The Reverend Phillip A. Miller, Sr.


“Uncle Phil” as he is affectionately known, is a profound preacher and teaches with revelation and clarity endowed with a wisdom far beyond his years.  God has graced him with the ability to cross generations with his with a uniqueness like no other. 


He has been ordained for the Kingdom for such a time as this.

His desire is for those who are, the Kingdom of God to be prepared for purpose as they walk in their victory and run toward their destiny.


“Pastor Phil” raised in Kenansville, N.C. as an only child.  He surrendered his life to Christ at a very early age.  After graduating from James Kenan High School, he went on to pursue his education at North Carolina Central University.  When he accepted, God’s called into ministry, he realized his life would never be the same.   After his studies in the Board of Examiners, he was ordained in the AME Church.


Rev. Phillip served as Amour-Bearer to his father in ministry; The Rev. Dr. William A. Gray III.  During the many years serving under Dr. Gray, he gleaned and put in the work, learning kingdom building, a many lessons that he states he could never have learned otherwise.  


Spending the early years of his ministry work at St. Stephens African Methodist Episcopal Church Essex, MD serving under the under the leadership of The Rev. Dr. William A. Gray III, Pastor and The Rev. Candace D. Gray, Asst. Pastor and 1stLady.  


For 11 plus years he served as Co-President of the Marriage Ministry with his wife Rev. Jackie; a member of the Sons of Allen chapter at SSAME; served on the ministerial staff; Church IT; Multimedia President; then Vice President; then advisor; then Support Tech; he started the Social Media ministry; website maintenance and manager; many times working closely with the trustee’s and served as Armor-Bearer (he still serves even though Dr. Gray has retired and he has gone on to Pastor, he feels that is his charge to keep no matter the situation.)  


Pastor Phil’s ministry moved in to Pastoring September 2016, when God blessed him to accept an opportunity to Pastor a Saturday morning church service called “The Gathering: We’re Not Your Traditional Church”.   A 1hr service on a mission to save souls and reach those who avoid church due to rituals, lack of understanding or just simply thirsting for more.  That ministry was the birthing ground for him as Founder and church planter of, our now “Victorious Living Faith Ministries”.


He is a Master Mason of Eden Lodge #72. Currently holding office of Worshipful Master.   He repeatedly says he truly believes in the principles Jesus teaches about being a Servant, Worship & Service.  


The Rev. Phillip A. Miller, Sr., is blessed to be married to The Rev. Jacqueline B. Miller of 15yrs and together they have six children (4 sons & 2 daughters); 1 son-in-love; 1 daughters-in-love; 2 God daughters; 1 adopted God son, a grandson and a granddaughter.  To know him is to know he loves his family. 


His Favorite Scripture is -Proverbs 3:5,6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall directyour path.


A quote to live by he says is…


”Don’t think so highly of yourself, for WE ALL ARE JUST PAWNS IN THE MASTER’S PLAN!”

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